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Island Voice Attends Con Edison sponsored Yankees Game

By Ashelle King

​Con Edison partners with Non- profits to give children a chance to experience a Yankees game. Organizations that help build the cultural aspect of the youth Con Edison has contributed to the young people growth as well.

Island Voice met up at the fairy around 6pm where we were assigned our duties for the day. We were responsible of eight young kids that day and were to make sure that they keep up with the group on our way to the game. My job that day came with a test because there was this one little boy that I didn’t get along with from the beginning. From our trip to the game he was walking ahead of everyone and creeping his way out slowly from the group at times. When I will draw him back to the group he will give a straight look because he didn’t know me and made it harder for him to trust me. I understood that. However this made me uncomfortable cause although I would watch my little cousins it’s different compared to someone else child. Another incident that occurred at the game was when the same little boy ordered his pretzel and soda they gave him a box to put both in. However the lady didn’t make a section for the cup so as I was trying to help him with the box the soda accidently spilled a little bit on his pretzel. At the end of the day I had to figure out how I could make this boy happy and so I got him a new box and held his soda until he was settled to watch the game.

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