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Dr. Derrick Samuels speaks at the United Nations on the rights of children to be educated. Photo By: Robert Bernstein

The world is filled with messages attempting to motivate people.  Individuals spends thousands of dollars each year on motivational books, cd’s, and software. Much more money is spent on seminars and workshops. All of this effort to find that singular, special message that will spur a person to action, to change and to a new direction.

What is it that brings people to an event to hear someone new present the message of motivation? What is it that makes the presentation compelling?

In the case of Dr. Derrick Samuels, it is not his doctorate in management; rather it is a myriad of reasons.  The man has a unique personal history. He speaks with a manner that is clear and direct. The doctor knows that every person seeking guidance has a unique set of characteristics that make each journey different and he takes that into account when motivating his clients. Taking all of these factors into account, Dr. Samuels ensures that his message travels as he says: “Right to the core of people.”

Having grown up in and having completed his earlier education in Nigeria, Derrick faced a number of challenges that the rest of us can only imagine. He tells of being in university without sufficient food to nourish his body and mind. He also speaks of living in a country lacking sufficient electrical power, making it imperative that he study by candlelight. It does not take long for a listener understand his driving statement: “I hate poverty with a passion.”

It is precisely these challenges and the process to overcome them that makes his story as well as direction so interesting. This is especially true of those people who are confused about their direction in life and career. He is going to push you to overcome your challenges as well. “I am an obstacle against those on their way to an average life”, he tells his audiences.

The potential we have has to be determined and course to reach it has to be plotted. Those people that lead averages lives, making everyday decisions have not realized their potential or developed a direction to reach it. This is one of the basic principles that Dr. Samuel’s teaching will help you realize.  One has to dream big in order to develop the course to reach your potential. Once you have the course in your mind he states that your “vision” will follow.  This vision becomes so ingrained in your mind and in your direction you can actually say: “I’m becoming it” or “I am becoming what I believe.”

An integral part of Dr. Derrick’s teaching concerns the work and effort you make once you pursue your vision. It is not enough to develop the vision unless it is properly utilized. The question that needs to be answered is this – how much do you help humanity? Once you have set your course, you need to assist others find their own and thus feed their potential.

Dr. Samuels knows that you will encounter obstacles along your road. Therefore when travelling on your road to fulfillment, arm yourself with optimism, keeping pessimism at bay.     “I am contagious with success – I am behaving successfully and becoming successful “, as he sees it, your mindset and attitude should be singularly focused thus ensuring that you become your vision of success.

The course to achieving a vision is not based on speed or quickness; what distinguishes the individual with vision is movement. Being static and waiting will not lead to anything useful. This is all contingent on our constant movement and our refusal to remain stagnant.

The definition for success is different for many people. But underlying it all is an attitude and understanding that you will always attempt your best effort and you will embrace responsibility with vision.

The notion that you are thinking ahead is fundamental to becoming your vision. You want to be a “tomorrow” person. We can take lessons from yesterday, but we have to leave it behind as soon as we can. Similarly, we cannot be trapped in our current time frame. We are not a “slave of the immediate.”

To precipitate success the doctor has developed seven key principles:

  1. Bid yesterday good bye; by doing that we clear out stagnation and we move towards tomorrow and our goals and vision. Yesterday will become irrelevant as there is nothing we can do about what  transpired then.
  2. Time and opportunity will not wait for anyone. An  adequately prepared individuals will not wait for both time and the opportunities that it presents.
  3. Take giant steps. This means that the individual  will take action. This action will cause people to stand up and take  notice of you. That is not why you take action; it is taken to ensure that  you do not leave this earth without results. You work in order that you accomplish goals to improve humanity.
  4. Advertise yourself. As Dr. Samuels states: “A  closed mouth equals a closed destiny and a hidden potential equals a hidden life.”
  5. Mind your mindset. If you lose your mind you  basically lose your life. The individual with vision does not get depressed because that person sees with eyes of passion. Successful people are tuned into the frequency of success. We stronger than our challengers.
  6. Approach life from the right angle. Always remember: VISION, PASSION, and PURPOSE. You become great when you find that which makes you great.
  7. Appreciate pressure and inconvenience.  Don’t let pressure push you towards giving up, rather understand that it precipitates pleasure.

The most important part of all of Dr. Derrick’s teaching is the lesson that everything gained in this program was set in place by education. Education is the only factor that can breach the ever widening gap between people “making it” and those outside of that circle. Education creates an insulator against alienation and ignorance.

Recently, Dr. Samuels spoke at the United Nations during a commemorative event –the 2014 Universal Children’s Day: 25 Years of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.  The doctor was invited to speak on education as an imperative to drive a sustainable development agenda. The goal as he sees it to reprioritize resources to where there are needed most. In his remarks, he reemphasized his commitment to the human right of universal education. He clearly articulated the need for young people to receive a quality education in order to achieve success; this education would not only lead to personal success but will also assist their nation’s development and a general improvement of the world. He was also clear in the urgency of acting on initiatives to ensure this goal of universal education. “It is more costly to be ignorant than it is to be educated”, he stated forcefully in his remarks.

As individuals seek to move to a better position in a career or in life, it is apparent that often we require the guidance of someone more familiar with the path to that position.  Dr. Derrick Samuels with his strong background in motivation and his magnetic personality is certainly an excellent choice. Even those people who consider themselves “realists” will find that his writings provide a fresh perspective.





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