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gJJMjB4JPiroiVllPZIdVwp2gEQYXDzQzLDV7fvSCi4ST. GEORGE’S GRENADA-What do you get when you combine bicycles, brew and breakfast? Well in Grenada, you get Mocha Spoke, the island’s first and only bicycle café. This unique establishment that’s part coffee shop and part bike shop was the perfect blend for business according to cyclist and co-owner, Marc DeCaul.

“I knew that I was trying to create something that wasn’t really there. There wasn’t really a huge amount of cyclists,” he said.

“I knew that I needed something else to supplement that. Caffeine is a big part of most athletes diet; especially cyclists and cyclists tend to meet up at cafés cause they’ll go in and get a coffee before a bike ride and that sort of thing. So it all kind of made sense.”

What also makes sense for DeCaul and his business partner and fellow cyclist, Darryl Kotyk is making sure that Mocha Spoke is environmentally friendly. “We try to be as green as possible,” DeCaul said.

“Our takeout dishes are all biodegradable dishes. The building is made out of old shipping containers and the seating is shipping pallets that we have transformed and added cushions”. Adding to the theme of the bicycle café are tables made of old bike frames with glass countertops.

After opening just over a year ago in June of 2013, Mocha Spoke’s unique establishment has quickly become a favorite hangout among coffee lovers and cyclists alike. Students from nearby St. George’s University and those in the True Blue Bay area of St. George often frequent the café, where you can get your morning coffee, go on a bike tour or both.

From candy bar milkshakes with bits of your favorite treats blended right in to Panini’s with bike names like “Spoke Junkie” and “Tour de France”, there is something on the menu for everyone. They also offer a variety of popular coffee drinks and waffles including the signature “Mocha Spoke Special”, a chocolate chip waffle topped whipped cream, chocolate sauce and bananas.

In addition to the delicious food menu is the bike menu, which offers bicycle tours, rentals and repairs. Mocha Spoke offers a number of guided tours that are suitable for all experience levels. The tours start at US$49 and combines exercise, site seeing and Grenadian history.

“ It is a really nice way to see places where you wouldn’t normally go in a vehicle because you’re on off-road bikes,” DeCaul said.

Bike tours can also be customized if there are specific places in Grenada that a tour group wants to visit. The bike café is currently in the process of building its own custom bikes and soon will have about 100 bikes available for tours and rentals.

DeCaul and Kotyk wanted to develop the sport of cycling on the island, not just on a competitive level, but on a fitness level as well.

“People just want to go out and do something healthy and positive and so on. We really wanted to promote all of that,” DeCaul said.

DeCaul and Kotyk hope that Mocha Spoke will be able to serve the community even beyond coffee or cycling. They want customers to stop by just to enjoy the camaraderie at the café.





















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