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Goal: To have a consistent male presence in our neighborhoods to avert violent acts, while providing man-to-man counseling to area male youth.

Strategy: Using every man that is willing, on three days each week a different block will be occupied.

Specific blocks will be identified and advertised on Mondays. Every abled bodied man from the various North Shore neighborhoods will hold court on the identified block where there will be an open discussion about our neighborhoods, young people and violence. We will bring out chairs and tables and outreach materials outside on the blocks where youth usually hang out and get in to trouble as identified by the Neighborhood Captains. We will take those blocks for a few hours including shutting down any illegal trade at that time and transform that block into a safe space while we are there. Every man that can, needs to get involved. No offense ladies, we appreciate the support, but this is a male initiative to address our young men.

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