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Thank You To Island Voice!

Loyalty is a very powerful word. It is only 7 letters but has numerous meanings. I am a part of many organizations and this means I have a lot of responsibility towards these organizations. However I was asked the question of where my loyalty rests in. When I think about loyalty I think about an individual or group that has my best interests at heart. Some examples I thought of is my parents, friends, and teachers. I expose myself to different things but I won’t forget why I do what I do. I am able to do this because I know where my loyalty rests in. One organization in particular is Island Voice. They took me on and believed I had something special individual. They helped me Saat 50 € bonuksen aina kun kutsut kaverin kasino lle pelaamaan ja han suorittaa oman ensitalletusbonuksensa. mold my abilities and progress as a leader. Bobby Digi and Shereese are there for me when I needed it and I won’t forget this. They are my partners’ mentors and friends that I can trust. When people ask me where my loyalty rest in it’s with the people that care about me. Island Voice is a group of people that care for one another and with their help I hope to accomplish my dreams of becoming a senator.

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