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Introducing: Naflan Doole – The Voice Of An Undocumented Immigrant

My name is Naflan Doole and I am a young political activist from Staten Island, NY.  I believe in helping people who are too afraid to stand up for themselves. Undocumented youths have not broken any laws coming into the United States and they are brought here by their parents at a young age. Their parents want to give their children a better life with  opportunities they could not give them in their native country.  Many families escape war poverty and starvation risking everything to bring their kids to  America. However now they are being discriminated abused and deported. I don”t agree with punishing individuals that only seek the pursuit of happiness. Undocumented immigrants are portrayed in the media as criminals here to destroy the American way of life.  However, the American online casino australia economy and culture is enriched and benefited by undocumented immigrants.

I am an undocumented immigrant and I am not afraid to stand up for the millions of undocumented immigrants in America.  I”m out there in various communities with Island Voice and my organization the Dreamers Club promoting immigration awareness in various communities in New York. I have been yelled at and discriminated by people who oppose my views.  I know I am unable to change the perception of people, but I work  to try and educate them about the misinformation and myths that cause hatred towards undocumented immigrants. I believe in changing the world and I understand this is a daunting goal.  However, I believe that if I am able to fix one small part at a time, then I can really make a difference.

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  1. Naflan, I am so proud that you are able to take that stand. It is not easy to so when there are so many people who oppose your point of view. But there is a God that hears the cries of those who have no voice. He is already using you and others to stand in the gap. Thank you for your courage


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