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Why Are We Unable To Express Our Religion Without Fear or Hate?

One aspect of me that I am very proud of is my religion. I am a Muslim and this is a very sensitive topic in America. There have been many forms of hate and abuse targeted towards Muslims since September 11th,  I understand where this hate is coming from but it is not justified.  I think judging all Muslims on the account of a few misguided individuals is wrong and fuels fear and hate in our society.  Someone once told me that people who pray five times a day are terrorists, and my response was “People fear what they don’t understand, this fear turns into hatred, and hatred hurts everyone around us.”  People should be free to express their religion and beliefs without being judged.

During the end of Ramadan many Muslims go to the mosque to celebrate Eid.  Eid is the feast that marks the end of the fast of Ramadan.  This year, a group of Muslims wanted to hold a prayer at New Dorp Park in Staten Island and during the prayer at the park a group of individuals threw bacon at the people.  My heart literally broke that there are people in this world that would practice such hate towards people. We can not successfully rebuild a society that uses fear and hate as tools for change.  I strive to represent Muslims in a good way and I believe and hope that one day people will be more tolerant, open and accepting.

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